Business English intensive (B1)

Business English intensive (B1)
In this course, you will learn about formal and informal English: How to recognize and use formal and informal styles in your spoken and written English. How to chair a meeting, make phone calls, write Emails, and give better answers to job interview questions in English.
Leila Arjmandi
12 Abende, 01.10.2020, - 14.01.2021,
Donnerstag, 19:30 - 20:15 Uhr, 0.00 Min. Pause
12 Termin(e)
Haus der vhs, Innere Heerstr. 6, 72555 Metzingen, Nedele, Haus der vhs, Raum Nedele
94,00 € ab 8 TeilnehmendenRatenzahlung ist mögllich.